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LinkedIn industries are one of the key elements in finding who and what you are looking for on LinkedIn and on Sales Navigator. The list of industries has been relatively unchanged from the very start. That is changing. Get the old and new LinkedIn (and Sales Navigator) industries list here.

 These LinkedIn industry updates are launching now in Sales Navigator, in LinkedIn profiles and in LinkedIn Company Pages. They are NOT launching in LinkedIn searches, at least not yet. 

There are some interesting oddities. For example, you can now select “Ambulance Services” and “Sheet Music Publishing”. If you are involved in Zoos, you now have two industries to choose from – “Zoos and Botanical Gardens” and “Museums, Historical Sites, and Zoos”. 

There are 80+ manufacturing industries including “Women’s Handbag Manufacturing” and “Mattress and Blinds Manufacturing” vs. just a handful of manufacturing industries previously. 

Many industries are simply changing names. “Professional Training and Coaching”, my industry, is now called “Business Skills Training” for example. “Marketing and Advertising” is now “Advertising Services” and “Marketing Services” appears as a new industry. 

This listing has TABS at the bottom that show the old and new and the common industries. To help even more, we have also grouped the industries into 14 categories to make the planning process more streamlined for applications like outreach campaigns. Pick “Technology” or “Transportation” or one of the other industries and save yourself a lot of time in your planning and outreach. 

How does LinkedIn populate these new industries when users do not even know about them? You can thank LinkedIn’s “algorithms”. How accurate are these new industries? In a sample of “leather products manufacturing” we found that only a fraction looked to be involved in such an industry. 

In your profile settings you may find, like me, that your industry is no longer listed as an option. It appears to be just text, with nothing actually selected. This “orphan” status is still unresolved by LinkedIn. 

So, view the Industries Lists(s) here or download it in XLS format to manipulate as you need. We update this list regularly as LinkedIn makes changes, so bookmark this page on your browser or download the list (with an email) and we will notify you when there are important updates. 

Reach out to me (Mike O’Neil) on LinkedIn or book a free 30 minute call to find out more about LinkedIn industries, Sales Navigator, outreach, campaigns and more. I have been helping business professionals master LinkedIn for over 18 years and I have been a Sales Navigator expert since its release.


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