LinkedIn Inbox Management


This White Paper Presents Special Techniques

 The top problems cited by active LinkedIn users are  the Inbox and messages. Sales Navigator users have it twice as hard with a second inbox to manage, often going back and forth.

Messages easily get lost in the shuffle, pushed down by newer messages. Lost messages mean missed opportunities and commitments. The result is lower revenues and unnecessary embarrassment.

It’s not your fault. Really. By showing only 6 messages at a time, the LinkedIn inbox itself is the culprit – an endless scrolling nightmare. It’s like a mini tornado during busy times, especially when you are doing campaigns.

This 10-page White Paper includes 5 inbox management methods with step-by-step visual instructions.

Downloading this white paper does more. It also gets you on a list to receive first look at a special application that will address the Linkedin Inbox issue head-on – The Linkedin Bookmarker.

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