LinkedIn Campaign Coaching
Agenda and Tips

The Integrated Alliances 1-on-1 coaching program has a big agenda to offer. You will become highly educated on the topics that matter most and will be made aware of the others. You will notice that the topics are not limited to LinkedIn, but they are ALL part of the LinkedIn User Experience. Many, but not all, of these topics will be covered in the campaign coaching process. You can request to spend more time in any of them or add others that may not be listed.

1. Kicking it Off

We have a few things to cover before we get started. Everyone is coming from a different place and has a different make up of their profiles and networks.

Maybe you already have Sales Navigator, maybe not. Either way, you will need it ($80/mo). We will help you provision Sales Navigator if you are not currently a subscriber.

Before your first coaching call, we will have adjusted your LinkedIn settings and made minor adjustments to your profile.

  • Profile updates
  • settings, defaults

2. What is most important in

There are shiny objects everywhere and they can really slow you down. We focus on what matters most, starting with 

  • Tour of important places
  • Advanced searching with
  • Evaluating a LinkedIn profile, company page
  • Inviting and messaging
  • LinkedIn Inbox basics

3. What you get by adding Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator introduces a tremendous new set of capabilities. We teach them in layers and focus on the most important.

  • Tour of important Sales Navigator places
  • Advanced searching with Sales Navigator’s 29 filters
  • Sales Navigator Leads, Accounts and Tags
  • Segmenting and systemizing searches
  • Evaluating a LinkedIn profile on Sales Navigator
  • Evaluating a Company page on Sales Navigator
  • Basics of inviting, messaging
  • Working with 2 inboxes


4. LinkedIn Campaigns Explained

LinkedIn campaigns introduce systemization, automation and integration and mesh them with Sales Navigator’s heavy duty searching and engagement capabilities. 

  • Campaigns definition
  • Types of campaigns
    • Invitation-message campaigns
    • Message-based campaigns
    • Visiting campaigns
    • Endorsing campaigns
  • Campaign targeting

5. Campaign Messages and Content

When reaching out to people, you need messages that moves the reader to action or builds you as a thought leader/expert in your industry. This becomes more effective when you combine messaging with other content like articles and posts.  

We get you started writing messages and creating content with templates. You may consider getting professional writing help if don’t feel skilled enough.

Messages to write

  •  Starter templates are provided, edited by you
  • Connection Requests, 1 per campaign
  • Welcome messages, 1 per campaign
  • Content messages, perhaps 3-10 per campaign
  • Common replies to responders, perhaps 3-6 per campaign  

Content to develop, plans and training

  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Web site blog posts
  • LinkedIn posts 

Merging Campaigns, Messages and Content

  • Use articles and posts in Campaigns
  • Messages refer to the articles, posts
  • Direct people there with links

6. Campaign Target Lists

There are many ways to filter LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and the end result is usually a LIST. Some lists are very common and everyone will use them, others might be unique to you.

Sales Navigator lists
  • Saved Leads, Recommended Leads, Saved Searches, Advanced People Searches, Tagged Lists, Employees of a Company, Company Page Followers, recently posted or changed jobs, belong to a LinkedIn group, Common Employers (current, past, both) lists
  • People that Like a Post or Comment on a Post (yours or someone else’s), People that Viewed Your Profile, Connections of a Connection (influencer, competitor), Shared/Common Connections, Recently Added Connections, College Alumni 
Other Lists 
  • You might have lists of people of companies you wish to target
  • Search or them individually, Save to Lead List and/or Add Tag

7. Campaign Operations

Search for campaign targets
  •  Unique to each campaign
  • Carefully manage the included and excluded targets
  • Searches lead to lists 
Work with Lists
  •  Save leads, accounts, add tags
  • Create, scrub, manage target lists
  • People search list, tagged lists, Saved Lead lists
  • Company lists, employee lists, Saved Account lists
  • Segment and systemize target lists 
Work with messages
  •  Connection Requests, Messages
  • Replies to responders 
Work with sending operations
  •  Send connection requests and messages
  • Follow up with responders 
Manage operations
  • Use folders, files, docs, sheets, systems

8. Where Automation Tools Can Help.

Whether it’s you, an assistant o even a vendor, there are many actions that are undertaken that are very repetitive, where a person adds no value and actually makes it more difficult.

  • Sending connection requests and messages
  • Sequencing the sending operations
  • Throttling the rates and schedule of sending
  • Singling out campaign responses from crowded inboxes
  • Gathering LinkedIn connection contact data for CRM, email
  • What LinkedIn and the marketplace think about automation tools


9. Who Does What and How

Once the duties have been presented, the best actions have been selected and lined up just right, it comes down to WHO will do these actions and HOW. In many cases, it’s a mix.

  • You – the “Do It Yourselfer”
  • An existing assistant or helper
  • A new assistant, perhaps virtual
  • A vendor or outside service
  • A combination


10. Automation Tool Architectures

LinkedIn generally automation tools fall into one of two categories – cloud-based and browser-based.It’s important to understand the difference.

  • Browser-based LinkedIn automation tools
  • Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools
  • Which tool is right for you
  • Provisioning of a Campaign Automation Tool
  • Automation tool training
  • Auto Text Expander Tool for replies – provisioning and training
  • Data gathering, downloading as a CSV
  • Direct data feeds from LinkedIn to Google, CRM

11. Special Topics

 Everyone has something that is unique about themselves and what they want to accomplish. Here are some examples of other topics that might be covered. 

  • Working with an in-house assistant or existing virtual assistant
  • Finding a Virtual Assistant and working with them
  • Dressing up a team – profiles, company page
  • How to train up the team – training, online, lunch and learn
  • Content posting (vs: messaging)
    • Manual posting on LinkedIn (from home page)
    • Automating posting on LinkedIn and elsewhere

Next Call

Once you have been through the list and found what interests you, we can set an agenda for you

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