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We maximize your business success with LinkedIn Sales Navigator using our special salesand marketing strategies, methods, and tools. Enjoy super-valuable resources for serious LinkedIn and Sales Navigator users. Engage us if you’d like some help.

LinkedIn Inbox Management

The Linkedin Inbox is cited as the single biggest user problems with the LinkedIn user experience. It also has the most to offer in terms of improved productivity.

Learn special (and free) techniques to get control of your LinkedIn inbox in this 10-page White Paper.

LinkedIn Industries Lists

Nobody works with everyone on Linkedin and Industries are a great way to zero in on people you want and eliminate many that you don't.  We have developed special industry lists to save you time.

View or download an alphabetical list or one sorted into 14 categories like manufacturing or technology.

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LinkedIn Profile

Get your LinkedIn profile spiffed up quickly with this guide.

Sales Navigator

Learn what you must know about Sales Navigator with this guide.

LinkedIn Campaigns

Learn to plan and run lead generation campaigns with this guide.

"Integrated Alliances is a key to our own lead generation and that of our customers. Their LinkedIn marketing campaign services and management are outstanding. They help me build powerful relationships with hundreds of business owners and executives through campaigns."

Paul Muchulas

CEO, Connect to Buy
"Mike and his Integrated Alliances team really lit up my EOS Coaching business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation Campaigns. I can speed things up and slow down my funnel as I need . They keep me ahead of the game and I never lose momentum. I've added an assistant because I am so busy."

Matthew Todd

EOS Implementer